Any way to restore multiple deleted users from Azure Portal at once

Yes, it is possible to restore deleted users in bulk from Azure Portal.

You can’t find Bulk Restore option in All users -> Bulk Operations tab.


You can find that option here, Go to Azure Portal -> Azure Active Directory -> Deleted Users -> Bulk Restore


Download UserRestoreTemplate csv file. Edit that file by adding ObjectID of deleted users you want to restore. Save and upload that file.

Please note that if you enter UPN or any other in place of ObjectID in that file, bulk operation will fail with error like below:

No user with this user name/object ID exists in this group. Change the user name/object ID in the file to match the user name/object ID of an existing user in this group and resubmit your request.

You can see that the deleted users are restored successfully by checking All Users list.

To know more in detail, you can refer this MSDoc.

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