3D model Low poly clouds pack VR / AR / low-poly

A set of 5 different cloud types in low-poly.


-.blend file of the low-poly clouds (packed file)

-.blend file of the instanced and scattered cirrocumulus cloud

-.fbx file of the 5 cloud types

-.obj/.mtl files (each cloud type is a separate obj file with origin positioned at center of geometry)

-.glb file of the 5 cloud types


-Albedo map (32×32 pixels png colour palette)


-Lighting is adjusted in blend file for renders.

-UVs are scaled down and positioned on colour pallette.

Blender stats

Cumulonimbus: (vertices: 389, tris: 774)

Cirrus: (vertices: 416, tris: 804) a group of 7 pieces

Cumulus: (vertices: 242, tris: 480)

Cirrocumulus: (vertices: 3526, tris: 6948) a group of 26 pieces

Nimbostratus: (vertices: 166, tris: 328)

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