POSTDOC: Gamification of medical therapies, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and exercise (Exercise gaming, Fitness gaming)

This is a 5 day course for postdoc researchers who have already published at least one Android/iOS/Windows/Linux app and have a PhD in technical or medical sciences (embedded, or assembler, or raspberry programmers with track record also welcome). Cost per person is 590€. Participants travel and accommodation costs can be financed through Erasmus “Staff mobility for training” fund.  The course includes the following topics:

We will explore case studies from leading gaming companies such as Nintendo, Sony, and Breathing Labs, and provide a taxonomic review of biofeedback modalities and their motivational mechanisms. We will also review the most popular yoga and Pilates techniques and discuss their possible implementation in video games.

Attendees will gain valuable insights on exercise compliance, adherence, and concordance, as well as guidance on how to set difficulty levels and measure progress. We will also explore the best and easiest possibilities for creating exercises in a virtual reality environment using a normal VR cardboard.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experts in the field and network with other professionals in the healthcare and gaming industries. Register now and take the first step in revolutionizing the way we approach medical therapies and exercise!

Courses are planned when there are at least 3 participants interested in the same time-frame. Anyhow we try to be reasonable and try to provide you most networking, knowledge, skills, and insights to stay ahead in the industry. Apply with your CV and your expressed motivation at info at