Inštitut za raziskovanje zvočnih umetnosti (IRZU INSTITUTE) is a Slovenian (country: Slovenia) private research institute focused on acoustics, frequency/wavelet analysis, sensory augmentation, biofeedback, and human-computer interaction. IRZU is being financed by sales of its own products and by kind donations of its spin-off companies Breathing Labs and Ultrasonic Audio. Additionally IRZU is receiving a voluntary 1% income tax from Slovenian citizens as according to Slovenian law citizens can choose which organization receives 1% of their income tax, a choice that would otherwise be decided by the government. If you are a Slovenian citizen and would like to do that please fill this document with your personal info and signature and file it at your local tax office (FURS/DURS) or send us a scan via email. Thank you for your contribution!


Business details:

BUSINESS NAME: Inštitut za raziskovanje zvočnih umetnosti (IRZU INSTITUTE)

HEADQUARTERS ADDRESS: Vojkovo nabrežje 23, SI-6000 Koper, Slovenia, EU

DIRECTOR: Matevz Leskovsek, PhD

VAT NUMBER: 80561225 (Slovenia)

PHONE: +38631380511

EMAIL: info@irzu.org